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This is an Adventure.....

be brave ,be bold, be daring

25 September 1981
modern in origin, antique in influence.

i'm always honest, but rarely tactful
i like to make things out of other things.
I play video games and drink coffee
i read a lot. a lot a lot.
i want to join team zissou.

everything, is an adventure.

a.a milne, abandoned buildings, abandoned spaces, adventures and mis-adventures, alan moore, alice in wonderland, almost completing crossword puzzels, amigurumi, amélie, anime, assorted shenanigans, baking delicious treats, battle royale, bazinga, bbc tv, ben fold's storysongs, bike rides, black tea with cream, blizzards, bob kane, book smells, cardigans, comfy hoodies, cooking for loved ones, cowboy bebop, crayon therapy, crispy winter days, crocheting, david bowie, david tennant, ddr, deadpool, degrassi, dinner roll feet, dinosaur bff's, dinosaurs, dirty jeans, doctor who, dragonlance books, earl gray with soy, eric northman, everyday magic, experiments and projects, finding a way, french food, garth ennis, gatherings of gnomes, gigantic cups of coffee, glasses of red wine, greeting the ocean, hand creme, having funny bangs, having no shame, inventing mythology, ivy vines, japanese fruits culture, jaques pepin, jelly fish, julia child, knitting, kung fu movies, layers, learning to surf, libraries, lip balm, little kitten feet, long long walks, making doughs, mma fights, neil gaiman everything, nerd stuff, new words, noisy beaches, period drama, puppy feet, quiet woods, reading for fun, real camping, secret joys, setting a ridiculous example, sewing, sheldon cooper, shells from the beach, shrodinger's cat, silly euphemisims, snowstorms, snowy days, sookie stackhouse books, starbucks, strawberry marshmellow, sudoku, suntan lotion smell, suntans, sushi, tea and toast, the big bang theory, the cure, the melvins!!!!, the white stripes, tights, tom waits, trips to the library, turner classic movies, twilight, ugly jewelery, very old peanuts comics, wade wilson, wandering about, wanton domesticity, wes anderson movies, world of warcraft, wow, writing, x-men, yarn, yoga